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CaptivLab is one of the world’s leading providers of software & infrastructure solutions in the global marketplace providing high-tech, service-based business solutions to customers.

Our Services

Our IT consulting services empower businesses to harness the full potential of technology


We serve as a full stack web application development company providing end to end solutions in Microsoft, PHP and Java as well as Cloud Application Development. Riding on the next generation technologies, we offer Enterprise level custom software development that is tailored to meet your complex business needs.


We help maximize the availability, efficiency and productivity of your IT infrastructure regardless of its maturity. Our experienced professionals and strategic partnerships transform your IT environment to a future state centered around a pleasing end user experience supported by advanced, cloud-based, on-demand technologies and services.


Computer's hardware and software must work together to produce efficient power of computing and if you find some problem with the computer component you look for the hardware solutions. As part of our hardware solutions we provide Laptops, Access door, USB Drives, Printer, Scanners, CCTV Cameras, Routers, UPS and many more.


Provide training programs to enhance your employees' IT skills and ensure they can effectively use new technologies. Offer ongoing technical support to address IT-related issues and minimize downtime.

Our Products

Our awesome product and ready to customize as you need

CT Commerce - Email Template

CT Commerce is an email marketing template that allows you to promote your e-commerce store to promote your items.

Estate - Real Estate Landing Page

Estate it’s a high-Quality and well organized HTML Template specially designed to fit all the needs of a Real Estate Business.

Money Pro

Track Money flexibilty, Easy and efficient track income and expense. Show report with rich reports function from income, expense, goals, account transaction and compare your income vs expense easy.

Massets Management

M-Assets is a powerful project management tool to track your asset easily. With M-Assets you can organize your company asset.

SimIn - Simple Inventory

Our software allows users to effortlessly track stock movements across multiple warehouses, utilizing barcode technology for efficient in-and-out stock management. 

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